Creating Cool Atmospheres Since 1999

Combining years of industry expertise and technical know-how, Atmosphere isn’t just in the business of air-conditioner and mechanical ventilation systems design, installation, maintenance and repairs - we’re helping to shape the right environments for homes and work, too.

Beat The Heat With The Right Atmosphere

At Atmosphere, we combine the latest practices and methods to help you make your AC unit work at its best — so you enjoy the most optimal air-conditioning comfort at home and at work.


Not Your Typical Air-Conditioning Handyman

Being in the industry for more than 21 years, and having serviced over 3,000 customers have given us the opportunity to dig deeper into understanding the industry beyond surface level installation, cleaning and maintenance.

On top of being certified by the standard Governmental authorities (the Building and Construction Authority), Atmosphere has combined years of in-depth air conditioning knowledge and technical know-how to help you find the best cooling fit for any unique environment, paying attention to the smallest details, such as:

Airflow Gradient

The optimal airflow gradient in an environment to create the most conducive place possible

Cooling Requirements

Cooling requirements in different areas of an environment to create the optimal cooling temperatures

System Design

Complex calculations and considerations that need to be taken into account in system design


Creating Cool Atmospheres That Yield Better Business Results

Atmosphere combines years of air-conditioning experience and technical know-how to create cool, comfortable and energy efficient air-conditioned environments that help make businesses more productive and cost-effective.


Come Home To Comfort

Atmosphere combines years of air-conditioning experience and technical know-how to help you create cool, comfortable and energy efficient air conditioned environments that make you feel right at home.

Fast, prompt service

Our technicians are fast to respond, and can answer your questions in the shortest time possible.

Quick turnaround

With Atmosphere's seasoned experts and technicians, expect quick turnarounds and service.

Reliable, trusted service

Atmosphere brings industry expertise and knowledge that you can count on.

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Is your air-conditioner unit leaking water? Is the air not cold enough? Or do you have complex air-conditioning requirements that need to be reviewed and further advised? Reach out to Atmosphere, and we'll share how we can help.


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