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A dirty or clogged air-conditioner increases your energy consumption by a staggering 15%. Restore cool and comfort back into your home with Atmosphere’s high quality aircon design, installation, repair and maintenance services that doesn’t break the bank.

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We’re Taking Extra Precautions

At Atmosphere, we take the safety of everyone, especially our customers and staff, seriously. In response to Covid-19, we’re taking additional measures to ensure that all air-conditioning installations, maintenance and repairs are done in a safe environment.

These measures include:

  • Wearing masks at all times

  • Conducting consistent temperature checks on our employees

  • Sanitizing our hands constantly at every possible opportunity

Atmosphere Services Every Home

No matter what type of house you stay in, we have the expertise to take care of your every air-conditioning need.


Stay cool in the comfort of your own home amidst the sweltering heat of the Singapore day with Atmosphere.


Atmosphere is a trained and licensed air-conditioning installer (BCA) that has expertise in cooling bungalows.


If your condo's air-conditioning system is down, we can help you to get it up and running again.


What We Learnt From Cooling HDB/BTO Flats, Bungalows & Condos Since 1999

Hot temperatures and humid weather have made home a dull place to be sometimes, and there’s nothing that we’d like to do other than to switch on the aircon when things get stuffy at home. Read the following list of problems, to see if you're experiencing any of them, and learn what to do about them.

Air-conditioner is leaking water

The most common of all air-conditioner issues, leaking or dripping water in air-conditioners is a sign that you need to service or repair your air-conditioner — fast.


There’s an air leakage somewhere in your air-conditioner system, causing air to be prevented from entering.


Your air-conditioner’s filters are blocked, clogged or dirty, obstructing airflow and causing a leakage of water.


Your condensation pump might be broken, or blocked by dust and dirt, causing water to drip and leak.

Air-conditioning unit is blowing hot or warm air

If your air-conditioning unit is blowing hot or warm air, you might need a top of your refrigerant, or there's a problem with your compressor unit.


There’s a problem with the compressor or outside unit of your air-conditioner


Your air-conditioner is low on refrigerant, and needs a “top up”, or further investigation

Frost/ice inside your air-conditioning unit

If there’s ice forming on your air-conditioner, don’t worry! Your air conditioner isn’t turning into a fridge. Rather, there are a few rational explanations for this. As hot air from the air-conditioner’s intake is sent to the outdoor unit via a refrigerant line, heat is removed from this air through the refrigerant liquid and gas inside your system.

Now that the air is cooled, it's sent back to your home to deliver air-conditioned air through ductwork and vents. Over time, as this air gets cold enough, it starts to turn any of the ambient moisture around the evaporator coils into ice crystals, eventually forming crystals, or ice-like particles in your air-conditioning unit.


An improperly sized AC unit


Air flow issues (poor duct work design or obstacles blocking your airflow intake) probably caused by dirty filters


Low refrigerant levels/leaks

Your condenser fan is not working

Your condenser fan is basically that big turbine-like looking fan that’s attached to your external air-conditioner unit on your house’s ledge. When it stops working, there are usually 4 reasons why:


There could be a bad start-run capacitor, or a damaged fan motor.


Your air-conditioner could be burnt out, or your pump compressor motor might be damaged or burnt out too


Your air-conditioning unit is wired up the wrong way

Air-conditioner is turning on/off automatically

If your air-conditioner is turning on and off repeatedly, it can get really frustrating trying to figure out the issue.


Your compressor has accumulated quite a bit of dirt, causing it to overheat and your air-conditioner to switch off as a safety measure


A blockage in your condenser, possibly caused by dirt or obstructions in your condenser coil, which causes your air-conditioner to turn off as a safety measure


Your thermostat or circuit board might be faulty, causing your air conditioner to switch off as a safety measure

Air-conditioner is emitting some foul smells

If your air-conditioner is emitting some foul, moldy smelling odors, there could be bacteria buildup in your system. This is often known as the Dirty Sock Syndrome.


Your air-conditioner’s evaporator coils might be dirty, and require cleaning


Your air-conditioner’s drain pans might be dirty and require cleaning


There is stagnant water stuck in your air conditioner


Restore Cool & Comfort Back To Your Home

Whether you are looking for an air-conditioning provider to help you to design a reliable air-conditioning system for your home, or you need a reliable air-conditioning partner to fix your leaking systems, Atmosphere has you covered.


We figure out the best way to set up your air conditioning and systems to ensure optimal and comfortable airflow at home.


We'll rectify or fix your air-conditioning systems, and restore it to optimal cooling function.


Atmosphere can help you to install your air-con system properly, and in line with the latest construction standards.


Atmosphere's maintenance saves you electrical costs, while maintaining coolness.

Safe Atmospheres. Happy Customers.

After 21 years in the air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation industry, Atmosphere has serviced over 3,000 satisfied customers and counting.

"For all your aircon maintenance needs, be it private houses or projects...they got it."

Kok Wai Sin


Not Your Typical Air-Conditioning Handyman

Being in the industry for more than 21 years, and having serviced over 3,000 customers have given us the opportunity to dig deeper into understanding the industry beyond surface level installation, cleaning and maintenance.

On top of being certified by the standard Governmental authorities (the Building and Construction Authority), Atmosphere has combined years of in-depth air conditioning knowledge and specific technical know-how to help you find the best cooling fit for any unique environment, paying attention to the smallest details, such as:

Optimal airflow

We calculate the best air-conditioning setup for your home, so that you get optimal comfort.

Cooling requirements

We do complex calculations, and take everything into consideration to give you the best aircon comfort.


Fully licensed for your next project

Atmosphere is fully certified with the latest standards and requirements from the Building and Construction Authority, so we can execute your air-conditioning project safely, and with confidence.


ME01 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works L3 01/05/2023


GB2 General Builder Class 2 17/04/2023

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