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Atmosphere cools environments that are safe, adhere to medical requirements, while following standard authority guidelines to maximize Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

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We’re Taking Extra Precautions

At Atmosphere, we take the safety of everyone, especially our customers and staff, seriously. In response to Covid-19, we’re taking additional measures to ensure that all air-conditioning installations, maintenance and repairs are done in a safe environment.

These measures include:

  • Wearing masks at all times

  • Conducting consistent temperature checks on our employees

  • Sanitizing our hands constantly at every possible opportunity


The Underrated Importance Of Air In Medical Facilities

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of a healthcare facility is often overlooked. But naked to the human eye are a complex blend of different factors that may negatively affect the safety and healthiness of the medical facility — and it all starts with getting the air quality right.

Poor hospital IAQ may cause outbreaks of building-related illness such as headaches, fatigue, eye, and skin irritations, and other symptoms — dampening medical effort in the first place.

The onus then lies on medical facilities to provide for and ensure a good IAQ to safeguard patients, nursing staff and visitors from the hazards of occupational diseases and nosocomial or hospital-acquired infections (HAI).


Atmosphere Helps

Medical Facilities Get Air Right

When examined in closer detail, one main contributor to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the effective circulation of air within the medical facility, in particular with their air-conditioner and/or mechanical ventilation systems.

Atmosphere combines years of air-conditioning insights and technical know-how to help medical facilities design, install, repair and maintain cooling systems that maximize Indoor Air Quality, so as to ensure a safer environment for all.


Install or maintain air-conditioned environments that better facilitate patient treatment in General Practitioner (GP) Clinics, paying attention to the smallest details such as the angle of air circulation.


Hospitals require sensitive installation, maintenance and upkeep of their air-conditioning systems, to create a safe and productive environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Full Service — From Start To Cool

Whether you are looking for an air-conditioning provider to help you to design a reliable air-conditioning system for your clinic or hospital, or you need a reliable air-conditioning partner to fix your leaking systems, Atmosphere has you covered.


Atmosphere can work with you to figure out the best way to set up your air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems for optimal cooling and maximize air circulation, improving Indoor Air Quality. Designs are based on your unique needs, never cookie-cutter solutions.


Based on our design, Atmosphere can help you source for, and install the right air-conditioning units and main systems into your clinics or hospitals. Air-conditioning systems are installed with an emphasis on following the latest standards and regulations.


If you’re already running a clinic or hospital with air-conditioning systems installed, Atmosphere can help you to rectify or fix any air-conditioning issues that you have, from leakages, to non-optimal airflow, to non-functional air conditioning units.


Due to the nature of medical facilities, it is imperative that you work with a trusted air-conditioning partner to conduct frequent inspections to ensure that you are maximizing air circulation and energy efficiency in your medical facilities.

Safe Atmospheres. Happy Customers.

After 21 years in the air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation industry, Atmosphere has serviced over 3,000 satisfied customers and counting.

"For all your aircon maintenance needs, be it private houses or projects...they got it."

Kok Wai Sin


Not Your Typical Air-Conditioning Handyman

Being in the industry for more than 21 years, and having serviced over 3,000 customers have given us the opportunity to dig deeper into understanding the industry beyond surface level installation, cleaning and maintenance.

On top of being certified by the standard Governmental authorities (the Building and Construction Authority), Atmosphere has combined years of in-depth air conditioning knowledge and specific technical know-how to help you find the best cooling fit for any unique environment, paying attention to the smallest details, such as:

Optimal airflow

We calculate the optimal airflow gradient in your medical facility to create the best environments for your patients and staff.

Cooling requirements

We do complex calculations, and take everything into consideration to give you the best aircon comfort.


Air-Conditioning Expertise That’s Cost Effective

Atmosphere brings you the best air-conditioning expertise in the market to help you design, install, repair and maintain your air-conditioning systems so that you save energy, money, and the environment, at an affordable price, and with service you can trust.

Start your journey with us now, and create the perfect cool environment for your data centers that’s cost effective, and energy efficient.


Fully licensed for your next project

Atmosphere is fully certified with the latest standards and requirements from the Building and Construction Authority, so we can execute your air-conditioning project safely, and with confidence.


ME01 Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works L3 01/05/2023


GB2 General Builder Class 2 17/04/2023

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Fast response and turnaround
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Fill up the simple form down below, and we’ll get back to you with a solution for your medical facility's air-conditioning needs.